Actor Charles M. Huber leaves CDU

He is known from television and the Bundestag. Charles M. Huber was a member of parliament and CDU member. Now, he has left. The statements of a party comrade were too much for him.

The actor and former Member of the Bundestag Charles M. Huber resigned from the CDU. The reason for this is that the African Commissioner of the Federal Government, Günter Nooke (CDU), had put into perspective the statements made by the supervisory board chairman of Schalke 04, Clemens Tönnies, on the construction of power plants in Africa. Thus Nooke had supported the statements of Tönnies targeted, said Huber, whose father comes from Senegal, on Thursday in the social network Facebook.

Tönnies had recommended building power plants in Africa last week to “stop the Africans from cutting down trees” and “producing children.” Nooke demanded that “the issues raised, such as the disappearance of the rainforest and population growth on the African continent,” have to be “discussed and possibly discussed controversially.” He also criticized Tönnies’ choice of words.

Referring to Nooke, Huber criticized these as repetitive and tenor-like statements that painted the image of a man who did not make a name for himself through competence, but who frequently used his position as Africa Commissioner.

In his capacity, Nooke Germany and African countries have brought each other closer. Africa is thus “made targeted to the scraper of German domestic policy.” “So I see this step as a logical consequence,” Huber wrote with a view to his party exit.

Huber became known through the television series “The Old One.” In the series, the son of a Senegalese diplomat played the Inspector Henry Johnson for nearly ten years. From 2013 to 2017 Huber sat for the Hessian CDU in the Bundestag. Since the end of 2018, he has lived in Senegal.