Central Council of Jews warns of coalition with AfD

So far, all potential governing parties reject a coalition with the AfD. But will they stay with you? The President of the Central Council obviously doubts that. He sees the development of the party with concern.

The President of the Central Council of Jews, Josef Schuster, makes in the AfD a dangerous radicalization and warns in view of the upcoming state elections in some East German states before a coalition with AfD participation. “Parts of the AfD develop according to my impression more and more into the nationalistic one. You only have to follow the debates within the AfD, then it is to be feared: It will not be moderate, rather worse,” Schuster said.

He emphasized, “The AfD, in my opinion, is much more intertwined with right-wing extremism than it is outwardly, fueling fears and promoting a climate of marginalization of minorities.”

Even a minority government would cause Schuster concern

Referring to the state elections in Saxony and Brandenburg on September 1, Schuster said: “I urge all parties to close a coalition with the AfD.” Even a minority government tolerated by the AfD would in his view mean that such a coalition “always had to turn to the right in their decisions in order to survive,” said Schuster. “That would be a harbinger for me that one of the democratic parties would sooner or later close an alliance with the AfD.”

Schuster pointed out that recently more anti-Semitic incidents were registered in Germany. “The AfD combines these events with populist propaganda to generally rush against minorities, thus fueling a climate ultimately against Jews.” In some parts of the AfD – such as the right-wing national “wing” to the controversial Thuringian AFD faction leader Björn Höcke – he wonders if they have already left the ground of the Basic Law. “It is no coincidence that the Office for the Protection of the Constitution has declared certain party structures to be a suspicious case and the party as a whole to a test case.”

Höcke resisted the allegations. He described it as “absurd” at the AFD State Party Convention on Sunday in Arnstadt. Instead, it is the Islamic immigration that endangers democracy in Germany, he said.