Germany gets IS children from Syria

After the victory over the so-called IS, they lived in a refugee camp in Syria, and now they are to come to Germany: four children of German IS fighters are on their way to the Federal Republic.

On the border between Syria and Iraq, children from German IS supporters have been handed over to the Federal Republic for the first time. These are three orphans and a six-month-old, sick baby, said Abdel Karim Omar, spokesman for the Kurdish authorities in Syria. The children had lived in the refugee camp Al-Hol after defeating the terrorist militia “Islamic State” in Syria.

The return of IS children in Germany has been discussed for some time. The Federal Government had initially always pointed out that there is currently no German diplomatic representation in Syria. The Berlin administrative court had decided in July that the government must retrieve members of IS fighters.

According to information from the Rojava Information Center, 117 children of German nationality are said to be in northeastern Syria. This would include 21 children of Germans, but who would have no German citizenship, as well as dozens of women and 66 men, of which more than 40 are said to be involved in war crimes.