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For most people in the workforce, there are a lot of potential problems that can arise – how should I behave around coworkers? How should I interact with my boss? How should I perform in a leadership role? To help others to perform well at work, there are a few resources that can help you, and one is The US At Work, found at

Related to this is, which helps professionals with personal branding. If you need help with resumes and cover letters, LinkedIn bios and more, they can most certainly give you some helpful advice.

Wingman Magazine

For men who need a reliable wingman to advise them on matters of relationship, self-help and business, this is a website worth bookmarking. Wingman Magazine has been mentioned on numerous publications such as Business Insider and Cracked, and has some great, well-researched articles on many important topics. Worth checking out!

What I think about Wix

It sucks! Sure Wix is popular and everything and yeah you can use it to make some tiny rubbish website. But that’s it. You really can’t do much with it at all, and they’ll keep charging you every month for their mediocre website builder. And if you want to do SEO with Wix… forget it. Because the code it generates is rubbish, spaghetti code, you’ll end up with a bloated website that doesn’t function for search engines at all. So google will crawl your site, find it takes forever to load, and won’t rank you high. Read this long length article on why Wix is bad for SEO. Then tell me you still want to use it!

The thing with Wix as well, is that many people are compensated to write about it (but not me). I can tell you what I actually think!!

Though I guess I should say, IF you have super dooper low requirements and want a VERY basic website AND you don’t care how bad your website is for SEO purposes, then yeah, maybe you can go with Wix because they make everything easy for you (don’t even need to register your domain). This review tells you much of the same.