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Kathrin is responsible for researching new stories and interviewing people when necessary. She is also a talented writer in both English and German. As perhaps the most extroverted person in our group, she is able to make contacts and reach out to people with ease, gaining valuable information that we rely on for many of our stories. Kathrin is currently engaged with her first child on the way. Mailing address: Stresemannstr. 82, Wallerfangen Saarland, 66798 Phone contact: 06831 88 85 65 Email address: [email protected]

Ramelow is without a majority

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Ramelow now wants to lead a red-red-green minority government. The AfD sends the independent Mayor Christoph Kindervater into the race. But the CDU and FDP could also create their own applicants at short notice. The simple majority is sufficient in the third ballot. Leading politicians from the SPD, the Greens and the Left warned the CDU against choosing an opposing… Read more »

Merkel proposes invitation from Hong Kong activists

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Angela Merkel travels to China on Thursday. An activist from Hong Kong had asked her for help in conflict with the country. She does not plan to meet the activists. The Federal Government has been reluctant to respond to the request of an activist in Hong Kong for assistance. Chancellor Angela Merkel has taken note of the open letter from… Read more »

Merkel talks with Putin about Ukraine summit

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Germany and France have more recently interfered again in the Ukraine conflict, urging Moscow to a summit meeting. Does Kremlin boss Putin give diplomacy a chance? Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) spoke with Russian President Vladimir Putin about the announced Ukraine summit in the so-called Normandy format. In a telephone conversation on Thursday, both politicians had agreed to continue the preparations… Read more »

The German economy is weakening

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The economy in Germany has cooled noticeably. Should economic growth be spurred on by spending billions – and should new debt be made for it? The calls are getting louder. Chancellor Angela Merkel and Finance Minister Olaf Scholz have so far made it clear that they want to stick to their course of “black zero” – a policy without new… Read more »

Jewish man attacked in Berlin

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A Jewish man is said to have been attacked in the middle of the day in Berlin-Charlottenburg. The 55-year-old said he was recognizable as a Jew because of his clothes, the police said on Wednesday. Two people had run behind him on Tuesday, one had suddenly stabbed him in the back, and he was overthrown. Subsequently, the duo fled. Because… Read more »