Union warns coalition partner SPD

The head of the Union faction has warned the coalition partner SPD against a left-side slip. Even before the start of the search for a new party leadership has emerged, “the SPD moves to the left,” said faction leader Ralph Brinkhaus (CDU) on Wednesday before the start of a two-day retreat of the Union’s Executive Committee in Potsdam.

“No matter who is elected: We are still available on the basis of the coalition agreement,” said Brinkhaus. “But if someone thinks they can move the coalition’s architecture further to the left, then he’s wrong.”

No new distribution discussion

The union wanted to continue the coalition until the regular end in 2021, assured Brinkhaus. But he also emphasized: “The grand coalition is not an end in itself, we will not bend there either.” The Union is ready to talk beyond the coalition agreement on important issues of the future, in order to make Germany future-proof.

“But we are not ready to conduct a new distribution discussion in this country,” said Brinkhaus. This is currently the wrong time. The SPD had last demanded a property tax. “It’s about making this country fit for 2030. And that must guide us in the second half of this legislature.”

CSU national group leader Alexander Dobrindt said that the SPD was in a staffing phase. “However, we expect that even at this stage a working capacity will be maintained that will continue to drive the projects forward with us, as there will be no discount on SPD projects.” The SPD must clearly state that they comply with the content of the agreements “and continue to lead this coalition successfully.”

Looking ahead to the upcoming mid-term review of the coalition, Dobrindt said nearly two-thirds of the projects have already been completed. But “we did not go into this coalition for two-thirds, but we want to work through all the projects.”

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